Monday, 28 May 2012


I love to shoot portraits and record activity on the streets but there aren't always crowds and hustle and bustle where I live so, having arrived early last Friday, I decided that I needed to find something else to keep me amused.
Summer has finally arrived in the UK and I had clear blue skies and strong sunshine to light the day.

Living on the East coast, the sun was shining directly on the seafront buildings and they were extremely photogenic so I decided to expand my focus and start to record the manufactured environment in the town, with or without visible humans and also to look for interesting details round and about. These will be new projects to run alongside my candid portraits.

Here are a few of the keepers from the day which are best viewed in large format.....

Walking Great Yarmouth Promenade

Who's Watching Who?


A Holiday Couple


Great Yarmouth Seafront Vista

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Great Yarmouth Atlantis Tower

The Empi..

Man In Fedora

Three Angels

Man With A Bag

On Hire

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