Thursday, 12 April 2012


I have always been an enthusiastic photographer but was inhibited in my technical development for years by the cost of film and processing. Whilst it provided an education by making me think long and hard before taking a shot, as I considered composition and exposure, I would also miss many opportunities as I hesitated and we all know that he who hesitates is lost. Digital liberated me and I could invest in a decent camera and eventually 3 good quality lenses. The freedom to take x shots per second, bracket exposures, shoot RAW, vary aperture and shutter speeds for the same shot and go home with 100s of pictures on the flash card enabled me to get more 'keepers' and accelerated my learning; rather like online poker has led to a proliferation of talented young players of that game.

Until recently I had concentrated on Nature photography and the family archive duties (ever noticed there are no family pictures with you in them?). I think I will continue to add to my flora and fauna collection because it keeps my mind busy whilst in the countryside but what really excites me now is Street Photography.

This is not an easy transition for anyone to make and this blog will be a written and pictorial record of my journey.

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