Sunday, 6 May 2012


I'm finding that when I go out it takes me a while to get shooting. Generally, I see very little in the first half an hour, start to take shots in the next half an hour and find more of a rhythm after that. I think it's to do with getting 'in the zone' as I remarked in a previous blog. After a time I find a pace of moving and observing that works and gets results - the best pictures always seem to come towards the end of a session.

I managed to get out today but I had less than an hour to spare before my dinner finished up in the dog.

This was a bit too much of a rush for me. I think a couple of hours produces both greater quantity and quality of output.

Of the limited amount of work that I got through I think these were the most interesting...

Queue Here - Outside a local Health & Fitness Centre


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